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      • The forward area is home to a large dinette that can accommodate up to 8 people around a table, which can be transformed into a large comfortable sundeck (2.70 x 1.80 m).
      • Dual seat on front of console convertible to chaise longue.
      • Stainless steel handrail around cockpit coaming.
      • Functional and ergonomic sports console.
      • Sliding door on the side of the console providing access to an area equipped with two separate rooms: 1) marine toilet with waste tank, wash basin, shower as well as an integrated system of lockers 2) double bedroom and an integrated system of lockers.
      • Sport seats for pilot and co-pilot.
      • To the rear and below the helm station there is a kitchen with 2/3 burners and a sink covered by a nylon cutting board.
      • Under the galley unit there is a refrigerator (64 l) and a large compartment to store galley utensils. As an option there is a larger stainless steel refrigerator with two drawers (90 l).
      • Large and comfortable “C” shaped sofa at the stern that can be fitted with a table. Lowering this table provides a sundeck measuring 2.00 x 1.30 metres.
      • The engine well has two large platforms either side which can be used as bathing platforms with spaces and accessories to enjoy once moored.
      • The deep-V hull has a unique shape with a deep forefoot and a very fine entry, and it provides stability on both sides, allowing the boat to rise up on the water and remain stable, safe and comfortabile with increasing speed (these are two unique features typical of all the ZAR hulls).
      • The hull at the bow is designed to deflect the water and keep the boat dry. A feature that has made ZAR famous.
      • On the bow, an electric windlass can be installed on a special steel plate, arranged by the manufacturer.
      • As for all ZAR models, the ZAR 95 SL is available in various colours and particularly in white, black, light or dark grey and the cushions are also available in different

      Additional information

      Total length

      m 9.60 (31’ 6“)


      m 3.30 (11’)

      Max. persons capacity

      14-16 (to be confirmed)

      CE Type-approval

      “C” design category and CE type testing (A+a form)

      Maximum applicable power

      kW 522 (HP 700)

      Minimum applicable power

      (minimum performance) kW 261 (HP 350)

      Internal walking length

      m 9.60 (31’ 6“)

      Internal walking width

      m 2.50 (8’ 2”)

      Intertubular width

      m 2.05 (6’ 9”)

      Net boat weight

      (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor) ± 10% approx. kg 2500 (5512 lbs)

      Tubular compartments

      n. 6

      Tubular diameter

      cm 60 (2’)

      Engine shaft length

      2 x XL – 1 x XXL

      Max. installable motors

      weight kg 730 (1610 lbs)

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