Small. But still great.

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      The little one with big driving pleasure.

      With the BAVARIA S30 our engineers, boat builders and designers have focused on the essentials – dynamic, sporty driving and comfort that one hardly expects on a yacht this size. She is primarily intended for large lakes or tours along the coast. Fun and comfort are guaranteed with the BAVARIA S30.

      With more style and more comfort.

      Space enough for mmmmmmh.

      30 feet? On the BAVARIA S30 the spaciousness makes it feel significantly larger. This is made possible by German engineering and the decades of experience of the BAVARIA boat builders and designers. The galley is one example – not only does it have plenty of storage space, there is also more than enough space for cooking big and small meals. Bon appetit!

      The pantry is equipped with everything required to prepare a perfect dinner. Your morning coffee can be enjoyed directly opposite the pantry at the salon table.


      Everything shines in a new light.

      Comfort is achieved by special details. For example, on board the BAVARIA S30 a lighting design that makes use of indirect and direct LED lighting can be dimmed at will to suit the mood. Speaking of bright‐ ness – more daylight streams in below deck through huge windows in the hull to enhance that sense of well‐being even more.


      Plenty of space for plenty of fun.

      Whoosh over the waves at more than 35 knots (depending on the engine variant) and relish the feeling of freedom. Freedom through space – of which there is enough on the BAVARIA S30. Space for the front passenger, for example, who can relax and enjoy the airstream. And it is just as pleasant for the helmsman, who benefits from the ergonomic design of the helmstand.

      A clever hull design in stable sandwich construction and a high freeboard ensure safety and precise handling – as with all BAVARIA motor yachts. Because fun is guaranteed – for everyone on board.

      Additional information

      Total length

      28' 74''

      Length hull

      27' 89''

      Height above waterline

      8' 96''


      9' 81''

      Draught, drive raised (approx.)

      2' 23''

      Draught, drive lowered (approx.)

      4' 23''

      Dry weight from (approx.)

      10.362 lbs

      Fuel tank (approx.)

      137 gal

      Water tank (approx.)

      32 gal

      People, max. CE B


      Cabins - Bathrooms

      1 – 1



      Height in cabins (approx.)

      6' 07''

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